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PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart Black review

You won’t believe what I just stumbled upon – the PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black! It’s an absolute game-changer for anyone who needs to move heavy loads. With its large capacity of 10 cubic feet and impressive 800 lb. capacity, this dump cart is every gardener or farmer’s dream come true. And guess what? It’s made right here in the USA!

Now, let’s take a deeper look at this incredible product in this review. We’ll be exploring all the features and benefits of the PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black. From its sturdy construction to its effortless maneuverability on any terrain, this dump cart is truly built to last. Whether you’re hauling materials in your backyard or transporting goods on the farm, this dump cart is ready to tackle any task. So, let’s dive in and discover why this product is a must-have for all your heavy-duty hauling needs!

PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black

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How the PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black Works

When it comes to heavy-duty hauling and transporting materials, the PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black is your reliable companion. This exceptional dump cart is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing you to move heavy loads with ease and confidence. Let’s dive into the features that make this product stand out:

Large Capacity

With a whopping 10 cubic foot capacity, this dump cart provides ample space for all your hauling needs. Whether you’re moving dirt, gravel, mulch, or other materials, this cart can handle it all. The large capacity ensures that you can transport larger loads, making each trip more efficient and reducing the time spent on multiple trips.

Tow Anywhere

Equipped with 16″ large turf treaded pneumatic tires, the LCP1000PRO provides steady movement and solid traction even on uneven ground. This means you can easily maneuver the cart through rugged terrains and rough surfaces without any hassle. Whether you’re working in your backyard, farm, or construction site, this dump cart is built to conquer any terrain.

Extra Strength

The single-piece hopper of the LCP1000PRO is made of heavy-duty poly, ensuring durability and longevity. You can rely on this cart for a lifetime of loading and unloading without worrying about wear and tear. The sturdy construction ensures the cart can withstand heavy loads and take on rigorous tasks, making it perfect for both residential and commercial use.

LCP1000PRO Uses

The PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black is a versatile tool that can serve you in a variety of tasks. Here are a few examples of how this dump cart can be used:

Yard Work

  • Transporting soil, mulch, gravel, or any other landscaping materials
  • Hauling lawn debris like branches, leaves, or clippings
  • Moving heavy potted plants or trees
  • Carrying gardening tools and equipment

Farming and Agriculture

  • Transporting animal feed or bedding
  • Moving harvested crops or fruits to storage areas
  • Carrying agricultural tools or machinery parts
  • Assisting in livestock-related tasks, such as cleaning stables or transporting manure

Construction and DIY Projects

  • Hauling construction materials like sand, cement, or bricks
  • Transporting tools and equipment to and from the worksite
  • Carrying debris or waste materials during demolition or renovation projects
  • Assisting in moving heavy items like lumber or plywood

PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black

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Product Specifications

To help visualize the specifications of the LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, we have prepared a table below:

Specification Details
Capacity 10 cubic foot
Weight Capacity 800 lbs
Tire Size 16″
Tire Type Large turf treaded pneumatic tires
Construction Material Heavy-duty poly
Assembly Time 30 minutes or less
Origin Made in the USA

Who Is It For?

The LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart is ideal for individuals and businesses that require a robust and versatile tool for heavy-duty hauling. Whether you’re a homeowner with a large backyard, a farmer tending to livestock, or a contractor working on construction projects, this dump cart is designed to meet your demands.

For homeowners, the LCP1000PRO makes landscaping and gardening tasks more convenient. From carrying gardening tools to transporting soil or mulch, this dump cart streamlines your yard work and saves you time and effort.

Farmers can benefit from the LCP1000PRO’s durability and large capacity when it comes to transporting animal feed, crops, or farm equipment. This cart can handle the demands of a busy agricultural operation, making it an invaluable asset on the farm.

Contractors and DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the LCP1000PRO’s toughness when it comes to hauling construction materials and tools. Its ability to tackle rugged terrains ensures efficient movement even in challenging worksites.

PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart:


  • Large capacity for efficient hauling
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Reliable traction on uneven ground
  • Easy assembly in 30 minutes or less
  • Made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship


  • May require some maintenance over time


  1. Is the LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart suitable for towing behind an ATV? Yes, this dump cart is equipped with a hitch that allows it to be towed behind an ATV, making it versatile for various applications.

  2. Can the tires handle rough terrain? Absolutely! The 16″ large turf treaded pneumatic tires provide excellent traction on uneven ground, ensuring smooth movement even in rugged environments.

  3. Can the LCP1000PRO withstand heavy loads? Yes, the dump cart has a weight capacity of 800 lbs, allowing you to transport sizable loads without compromising its performance.

PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black

What Customers Say About the LCP1000PRO

Customers rave about the performance and durability of the LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart. Many highlight its large capacity and sturdy construction, which make hauling heavy materials a breeze. The ease of assembly and reliable traction on any surface also receive high praise. Customers appreciate the convenience this dump cart brings to their daily tasks, whether it’s in the yard, farm, or construction site.

Overall Value

In conclusion, the PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black is a top-notch hauling tool that delivers exceptional value for its price. The large capacity, extra strength, and ease of use make this dump cart a worthwhile investment for homeowners, farmers, and contractors alike. Whether you need to transport materials in your backyard, on the farm, or at a construction site, the LCP1000PRO is up to the task. With its reliable performance and durability, this dump cart will surely become your trusted companion for years to come.

Product Summary

The PRECISION PRODUCTS LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart, Black is a heavy-duty hauling solution that combines large capacity, extra strength, and ease of use. Its robust construction and reliable traction ensure efficient movement on any terrain. Whether you’re a homeowner, farmer, or contractor, this dump cart is designed to meet your hauling needs.

Final Recommendation

If you’re in need of a reliable and durable dump cart that can handle heavy loads with ease, look no further than the LCP1000PRO Trailing Dump Cart. Its exceptional performance, large capacity, and versatility make it a valuable asset for any hauling task. Invest in the LCP1000PRO today and experience the convenience it brings to your daily tasks.

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